1804 Meriwether Road
Pike Road, Alabama 36064
(334) 202-4231


  • BS in Elementary Education, Lincoln University, 1972
  • MED in Elementary Education, Auburn at Montgomery, 1985
  • Administrative Certification, Auburn at Montgomery, 1992
  • Job Classification, Early Education Specialist, 1997
  • Parents as Teachers Certified
  • High Scope Certified
  • Home Instruction for Parents of Pre School Youngsters Coordinator
  • HIPPY USA National Trainer


  • Outstanding National HIPPY Coordinator
  • Career Woman of the Year
  • PTA “Friend of Education” Award
  • 2012 Avima Lombard Finalist


2010 to Present – HIPPY USA Trainer

Train and assess HIPPY programs to ascertain adherence to program fidelity as well as program strengths and weaknesses. Train Coordinators and parent educators in the model. Conduct accreditation visits nationally.

2010 to 2017 – Coordinator/Director of HIPPY Lowndes (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters)

Directed the Lowndes HIPPY program and served as Coordinator since April 2014.  I supervised the program and the staff.  I  trained the home visitors who visit the families on a weekly basis.

2002 to 2014 – Director of Springboard Education Foundation

I directed all programs hosted by Springboard.  Those programs included:  HIPPY Alabama, HIPPY Lowndes and Dallas MIECHV Initiative, and HIPPY Lowndes.

2003 to July 2014 – State Director of HIPPY Alabama (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters)

I established the Alabama HIPPY State Office, the HIPPY Advisory Board, and worked to establish and sustain new HIPPY programs.  I also provided training and technical assistance to coordinators and parent educators. I maintained the HIPPY state office with local and state funding.  I wrote and managed grants to fulfill the mission of the state office. There were 3 HIPPY programs in 2004 when the state office began.  Over the next ten years, due to my efforts, the number of programs grew to 33.

1993 to 2009 – Parents as Teachers Supervisor

I worked with the teen parents who were enrolled in the Montgomery Public School System to insure that they had the information that they needed to parent and nurture their wee ones to the best of their ability.  I supervised and directed the home educators who visited the teens in their homes on a monthly basis.  Group meetings were held at the high schools so that peer and professional support could help the teens deal with the problems they had coping with new and difficult circumstances.  As coordinator of this program, I expanded it to serve several junior highs as well as all of the high schools.  and have instructed semester long parenting classes at the high schools for teen parents.  I also supervised and initiated the new Teen Parenting Program which worked very closely with Parents as Teachers.

1993 to 2004 – Coordinator, Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), Montgomery, Alabama.

This was the first program of its type in Alabama for preschool children and their parents.  As the coordinator, I wrote the application and made all arrangements to implement the pilot program in Montgomery.  This involved recruiting, training, and supervising the parent educators, recruiting students for the program, supervising the instructional content of the program, organizing and teaching parents at biweekly group meetings, and working closely with members of the community through the HIPPY Advisory Board, budgeting, and evaluating staff.  In the 16 years of HIPPY’S implementation, it has grown to be one of the largest programs in the United States and is considered to be a model program.  HIPPY USA honored me as the Nation’s Outstanding HIPPY Coordinator in 1998.  In 1998, I also became the Alabama HIPPY Corps Director.  In this position I coordinated the AmeriCorps activities for the HIPPY sites in Mobile, Montgomery, and Sylacauga.

1993 to 2004 – Even Start Director

Directed the family literacy program located at The Education Training Center.  Even Start had a nationally accredited Child Development Center and an Adult Education Classroom.  Our Even Start program was the only NAECY accredited program in Alabama.  Parenting classes were an integral part of this intergenerational literacy program.

1993 to 2004 – Producer/Host “The Parents’ Express”

1993 to 2004 – Montgomery Public School System

Ten years ago, (1993) I had the unique privilege of being asked to create a television show for the Montgomery County School System.  I named the show, selected the music, the theme, and the format of the show.  My responsibilities included:  scheduling the guests, supervising the editing of the shows, releasing monthly schedules to the newspaper as well as TCI and the publicity officer for the Montgomery Public School System, and coordinating all aspects of the show.  “The Parents’ Express” was well received in the community as it was the only program of its type.  The mission of the show was to educate parents on issues of interest to families and to provide a positive look at the many exciting things that happened in our public school system.  TCI submitted a clip of “The Parents’ Express” for a media award.  I stopped filming this show in 1999 due to the many increased demands on my time.

1992 to May 1993 – Parent Involvement Resource Teacher, Chapter One, MPS

As the Parent Involvement Resource teacher for Chapter One, I organized, coordinated, and presented system wide workshops for parents, as well as conducting them for many different schools.  I also published a newspaper for parents; helped organize and run the Chapter One Parent Resource Center, and supervised the staff of the center in the absence of the director.

August 1980 to August 1992 – Elementary classroom teacher in the Montgomery Public School System

I taught at Dannelly, Highland Avenue, and Bear Elementary Schools.  I have taught third grade through sixth grade language arts as well as the basic social program.  I have had experience teaching in a self contained classroom, a classroom with two levels of instruction, and ability grouping in reading and math. Teaching is my favorite occupation!


Life-Time Member of the Alabama PTA

C.A.R.E. (Capitol Area Reading Educators)

Served as Vice President and Historian of this organization.  Helped organize the first “Young Authors’ Conference”.

National Education Association for Young Children, President

International Reading Association

New Beginnings Resource Center, Vice-President

Education Committee Co-Chair of the Montgomery Democratic Party

Executive Member of the Montgomery Democratic Party


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