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I will work to make public schools the best choice for our people. That means listening to what parents and educators want and finding creative solutions to problems. It means strengthening public education through increased funding and support.

A strong public school system is vital to our country’s representative form of government. Many of our citizens feel they have to choose between home school and private education. That must change! I will listen to YOU. You are my special interest group!

Regardless of your political affiliation, I am asking for your VOTE and help in getting elected. I will fight every day to improve education.

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My work with HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-School Youngters)

80% of a what a child learns is learned before the age of 5; therefore, it is crucial that children living in under served areas are given the opportunity to receive pre-school education. HIPPY is an amazing program that works with parents and helps them get their pre-schoolers ready for success in Kindergarten. It provides parents with the materials they need to ensure their children are able to master the necessary school readiness skills.

I helped bring the very first HIPPY program to Alabama and served as the very first HIPPY Coordinator! I was chosen as the Outstanding Coordinator while under the Montgomery program.

When I retired from Montgomery Public Schools, I established the Alabama HIPPY State office and operated as the State Director for ten years. During that time, HIPPY programs grew from 3 to 33, and reached 2,000 Alabama families. We check in on HIPPY families to see how are HIPPY kids are doing. Studies show that HIPPY graduates have gone on to college and are leading successful lives. Parents love HIPPY because it works, and that’s why I’m highly invested and proud to be a part of this effective program.